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The Elders




Zhou Botong is the eldest of the Quanzhen Sect. Though he is already an old man, he is very childish. But

he is very highly skilled in martial arts. He taught Xiaolongnü how to fight with two hands thus resulting in

Xiaolongnü able to use the Yünü Swordsplay without Yang Guo's help.




Ouyang Feng (West Poison) is the godfather of Yang Guo. He lost his memory after learning

Jiü Yin Zhen Jing the wrong way. He is also a very highly skilled martial artist. He taught Yang Guo his

best skill 'Ha Ma Gong' but Yang Guo only used a few times to protect himself.




Hong Qigong is the head of the Begger Sect. He is also one of the most highly skilled martial artist. His

'Da Gou Bang Fa' is his best skills and is unbeatable. He taught Yang Guo some of the skills but not all of



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