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Again, welcome to my Comics Alley!!! This page has two of my favorite comics I have read!! They are Captain Tsubasa and Shendiao Xialü. I'll like to share with you about these 2 comics through this webpage & hope you like them!!

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Shendiao Xialü   [ Enter Here]

Xiaolongnü and Yang Guo


Shendiao Xialü is a Chinese novel written by Jin Yong. It's is a love story between an orphan, Yang Guo and his mentor/aunt /wife Xiaolongnü. Though they are a pair of loving couples, they always get seperated from each other after only meeting for a while. This goes on for 16 years. Though seperated from Xiaolongnü, Yang Guo was always thinking of Xiaolongnü. One day, Yang Guo went to a cliff after hearing that Xiaolongnü had jump to her death from the cliff. His love for her was so great that he wanted to accompany Xiaolongnü..........

Captain Tsubasa-Youth Version  [Enter Here]

Tsubasa's Team


Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese comic by Yoichi Takahashi. The story is about a young boy's dream to become the world's best soccer player. Through soccer, he met many people who later on became his friends and soccer team mates. One person he met was a Brazilian, Roberto Hongo, who taught Tsubasa many soccer skills. Later, Tsubasa went to Brazil to learn soccer and was of course from Roberto Hongo. Tsubasa stayed in Brazil for 4 years and he got a contract from Sao Paolo. After Sao Paolo won the championship, Roberto was appointed the coach of the Brazil Youth Team and had to leave Sao Paolo. Roberto and Tsubasa promised each other that they will meet in the World Youth Championship-that is Japan Team meet Brazil Team. The story begins from here..............

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And by the way, I took all the pictures from the internet and so I do not know whose it is. I must give credit to them. And I also took most of the Shendiao's picture from it's main page.

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