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Huang Rong, daughter of Huang YaoShi and leader of Begger Sect. She is also a highly skilled martial artist.

She is the wife of Guo Jing. Huang Rong is an intelligent woman. She thinks before she acts and it helps her to

avoid troubles.



Lu Wushuang is a disciple of Li Mochou. Her parents were killed by the latter when Wushuang was a kid. She was taken

into captive by Li Mochou. Though Li Mochou taught her martial arts, it was only to a limit. This is because Li Mochou

had suspected her of taking revenge. Wushuang is a crippled. She is secretly in love with Yang Guo together with her

cousin, Cheng Ying and Gongsun Lu'e. Quite a tom-boy.




Cheng Ying, cousin of Lu Wushuang and disciple of Huang YaoShi. She is more gentle and caring then

Wushuang. She is also secretly in love with Yang Guo.




Gongson Lu'e, daughter of Gongsun Zhi. She is a gentle girl who falls for Yang Guo. She came to a

sad end in the story-died to save Yang Guo.


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