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Yin Zhipin, third generation of QuanZhen Sect. Secretly in love with Xiaolongnü. One day, he chanced upon

Xiaolongnü in the woods (Xiaolongnü was immobilized by Ouyang Feng) and his desire overcame him and he

rapes her.



Zhao Zhi Jing is senior to Yin Zhipin. He is good in martial arts but looks normal to Yang Guo and

company. He is an ambitious guy who wants to become the head of QuanZhen Sect. He always truants

Yin Zhipin about Xiaolongnü which makes Yin Zhipin very uneasy.



Qiu Qianchi is the mother of Gongsun Lu'e. Her 4 limbs were manipulated by Gongsun Zhi and thrown

into a hole by him. She lived there for 18 years until her daughter and Yang Guo found her. Loves her

daughter very much but leaves no mercy to other people.


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