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Shendiao Xialü Characters Info.


This page is on some of the major characters in the story. Hope you like it! All the characters are according to my views. Hope they are correct!!



Xiaolongnü is the teacher/auntie/wife of Yang Guo. She is also the head of the Old Tomb Sect. She is a very

beautiful woman and though she is older than Yang Guo, she looks younger then she is because she had stayed

in Old Tomb all the while and had never seen the outside world until she met Yang Guo. She is dressed in white

all the time. Her beauty captive Yi Zhiping, a disciple of the Quanzhen Sect.



Yang Guo is the main character in the story. He was an ophan as his mother died after he was born and his

father, Yang Kang, was killed by Guo Jing. Yang Guo led a wandering life as a kid and met Guo Jing who later

sent him to Quanzhen Sect to learn martial arts but Yang Guo was bullied there instead. One day, he seriously

injured one of the disciples there and escaped to Old Tomb Sect where he met Xiaolongnü. She soon became

his teacher but love soon blossom between them.Yang Guo's right hand was severed by the wiliful Guo Fu

(GuoJing and Huang Rong's daughter) in the story.



Li Mochou was once a disciple of the Old Tomb Sect but was thrown out of the Sect by her teacher. She

is Xiaolongnü's senior. She is also very beautiful but is a vicious lady who kills people in cold

blood. She is also very highly skilled in martial arts. Li Mochou was actually a very nice lady but

when she was jilted by her ex-lover to marry another girl and she could not take the blow. Since

then, she hates all men in the world and vowed to kill her ex-lover's family. She can be very caring

as it was shown later in the story on how she fusses over a baby (Guo Jing and Huang Rong's

second daughter but she thought it was Xiaolongnü and Yang Guo's daughter).



Guo Jing is a very highly skilled martial artist who is a hero in everyone's eyes. His best skill is " ­°Às¤Q¤K´x".

This skill was taught to him by Hong Qigong, the head of Begger Sect. He married Huang Rong

daughter of Herbalist Huang. Guo Jing is a straight forward man. He will sacrifice his life to protect Xiangyang

against the Mongolians.



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