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The Baddies




Jing Lun Fa Wang is a highly skilled martial artist. He is a very crafty man. He is also very ambitious and we can see in

the story he wanted to be the of Number 1 Mongolia fighter and waste no time in trying to kill Guo Jing. He has 2

disciples, Huo Du and Da Er Ba.



Da Er Ba is the disciple of Jing Lun Fa Wang. He has a very great strength and highly skilled but he is very

stupid. He even thought Yang Guo is his Senior when Yang Guo, who did not understand his language

and, followed what he said. And Da Er Ba is from Tibet. Huo Du's senior.



Huo Du is another disciple of Jing Lu Fa Wang. He is an ambitious young man and later in the story, he

became the King Mongolia. He is also a coward. He ran away when he was unable to defeat

Yang Guo.



Gongsun Zhi is the father of Gongsun Lu'e. He saved Xiaolongn one day and was captived by her

beauty. He asked her to marry him and maybe out of gratitude or wanting to forget Yang Guo,

Xiaolongn agrees. But when Yang Guo and Xiaolongn met each other, he showed his true colours. He

wanted to kill them both.

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